Empire Fitness Centre offers a brand-new child-minding facility for members with children. Enjoy your fitness time with the knowledge that your children are a safe and caring place with our bright, fun, new facility. We follow all childcare standards when it comes to care and hygiene at Empire so you can relax and focus on your workout. All of our child minders have current first aid certificates and blue cards for working with children. As well as a wealth of experience with children from the age of 8 weeks.

The sessions times set out below are designed to fit in with our group fitness class timetable.

We will accept admission into the creche 2 minutes prior (only) to session 2 Monday to Friday and 2 minutes prior (only) to each session on Saturdays to ensure you make your class on time.

Available to children ages 8 weeks up to 7 year

Session1 Session2 Session3
Monday 9.00am-10.35am 10.35am-12.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am-10.35am 10.35am-12.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am-10.35am 10.35am-12.00pm
Thursday 9.00am-10.35am 10.35am-12.00pm
Friday 9.00am-10.35am 10.35am-12.00pm
Saturday 7.30am – 9.05am 9.05am – 10.35am

Bookings & Fees

Bookings are essential and can be made at reception one day prior. Session times can not be overlapped. Fees are $4 per child per session and are to be paid at reception on arrival. Memberships that include child minding are available (see reception for details). Also available are prepaid child minding card which have 20 visits for $60, equal to $3 per child per visit. See reception for more information


All food and drink containers are to be clearly labelled. No nut-based foods are permitted


Please do not bring toys from home. Empire Fitness Centre provide a large range of “shared” toys for children to enjoy. Any toys brought from home will be placed in a cupboard and returned upon leaving.

Disruptive Behaviour

If a child is disruptive, unable to cope with group situations or the daily routine of the child-minding facility, the parent will be asked to collect the child. We need to enforce this guideline as disruptive children upset the other children in the childminding room.

Sick Children

Any child who is sick is not to be brought to the centre. If a child becomes sick while in child minding, the parent will be asked to collect the child.

Area Restrictions

Children are not permitted in the child minding room outside of child minding hours. Children are not permitted in the gym exercise areas. Please feel free to speak with us if you have any concerns regarding these guidelines.



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